Mel Bond Miracle Crusades

Pastor Mel Bond is planning on holding Miracle Crusades in many cities in the upcoming year. Pastor Mel is asking his friends and partners to help make these Miracle Crusades possible. To help support the powerful Crusade outreach, pease call the church office at (636) 327-5632, you may contact Mel Bond by email, or you may donate by PayPal, and please tell us that you want to help donate specifically toward the Crusades.

You are also encouraged to call or send in your prayer requests. Thank You for you prayers and support!

Upcoming Crusades for 2017 are currently: New York / New Jersey (June 2, 2017), Colorado Springs / Denver (September 1, 2017), Tulsa (November), and Miami (February 2018). We will go to these, and other places, as we have the financial support to go.