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Good morning!  Somebody loves you…and that somebody is God!  God loves you and feels your pain with great compassion.

In this short video, I explain that God is a good God and He is moved to heal you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this video, and I pray it blesses your life and the lives of others.  Click here to watch the video.

Oceans of Unconditional Love Through Jesus,


Mel Bond



Beloved pastor Mel Bond.I am so glad for this site of you,this postings on the internet.I know I am called to do the things for the King Jesus Christ and His Kingdom be known to people around me.
All the situation @ me is the worst:no home,no food,but I know God is in control.I learn to be a real child of God from the best pastor ever.
I know God is changing the situation in the best,that is yet to come.That breakthrough is @ the corner.Please pray for me .Thank you for help.God blesses you and keeps you in His love.Amen.

28/10/2011 7:06 am Reply


I missed your appearance on TBN. Will you have a video on your website so I can watch it ?

10/11/2011 5:59 pm Reply


You can watch all of our videos at melbond.tv. Thank you and blessings to you.

01/12/2011 03:24 am


So much info in so few words. Tolsoty could learn a lot.

27/11/2011 9:25 am Reply

Jennifer Bedrosian

Pastor Mel:
I loved this message. I love everything you post. Keep up the Good work of the Lord. May God Bless you!

06/12/2011 2:41 am Reply

Maricruz Stegmaier

Hi. Just want to write a quick remark and indicate to you you that I wholly concur with your blog post. Entirely spot on.

28/12/2011 5:12 am Reply

Mary Della Porta

Dear Mel, I’m so happy to have found your program on the Church channel.I love your directness and simplicity in prayer and teaching. I have started reading the Bible much more, maybe in intervals when I take a pause in what I’m doing. Today you said to read the epistles for their teachings and to build up our spirits .I live in Italy and there is so much to do here in telling the people about Jesus, I really need a strong spirit. God bless you, Mary

09/10/2012 2:12 pm Reply


Thank you, Mary! Our television ministry has grown and we are now on the Church Channel 3 different times. Monday mornings at 6:30 a.m.,Tuesday evenings at 5:30 p.m., and Thursdays at 3:30 a.m. We are also on World Harvest TV. Sunday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Read and memorize the Word of God..It is food for your spirit to make it strong! God Bless You!

19/02/2013 12:48 pm

Tab Ormiston

May God trully bless you Mel…I believe you are blessed by him…I am part of a mesianic congreation..what do you personally think of the mesianics?

20/11/2012 6:15 am Reply


They are loved by the Lord and I am grateful that they know Jesus! I am grateful that you kow Jesus!
God Bless!

22/02/2013 00:53 am

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